What and how the gym outdoors

For some time , becoming more popular gyms carried out. Thanks to them, we are forced to exercise performed a crowded gym. Now we can do it outdoors regardless of the weather or time of day. Unfortunately arranging this kind of space you need to consider only high-quality equipment , which under the influence of external factors will not quickly wear out. Unfortunately, account should also be taken forum sportowe vandalism , because people have this in common, that with great tenacity and desire to destroy what is not due to them , but was put to public use.

To complete each exercise equipment , such material should be used which will not only be resistant to external factors but also the heavy our body. For this purpose perfectly suited to stainless steel , but it probably cost exceeds the capabilities of most of us. Fortunately, you can also replace it with another material which is suitably mild steel powder coated . This action is intended to protect the material against erosion and make that material will be more durable and more resistant to damage caused by the load. Anyone who has ever forum sportowe been in the gym , probably remembers that the gym is not just a steel tube as well as a number of elements that move . The most important element of all moving parts are bearing the gym . It is very important that they be protected from moisture which can cause blurring them . To protect the equipment from damage , special cap usually made of plastic material that does not disappear under the influence of moisture.

Key elements must also protect laminate which indelibly protect components against ingress of water to them . In general , deciding to perform an external gym , regardless of whether it is intended for public use or to our private , to invest in good equipment , which will mainly be characterized by durability. Yes protected equipment can serve us for many years. Although such elements are a bit more expensive, it will pay us to this investment , due to the fact that it will not require such frequent amendments and odrestaurowywania them after each of the past winter. Before each approaching season, when , for example, will give way to frost , it is forum sportowe appropriate conservation equipment and prepare to exercise naoliwiając bearings and other moving parts throughout the gym.

But before we prepare and execute a gym , consider what equipment you will want to put on it . The most important and most frequently used should first runner . Runner is a device designed for the task of simulating running. For the person exercising , the most important element of special rails used for supporting the . It is important to the safety of the runner are stable and durable. Neglecting this fact may result in serious personal injury . During exercise, to a much lesser extent, we charge the joints than the normal running. Not everyone is also a suitable place for jogging . With this track we are able to run in one place all the time you want.

Another very common device is the so-called OrbiTrek . This device mainly consists of two handles and pedals. We train your hands and arms by moving both arms and legs. Such moves are designed not only to improve the condition but also increase the coordination of movement . It should however be borne in mind that by this kind of exercise , you will not will increase your muscle mass.

Not so well known exercise apparatus is so -called pendulum , certainly present in each gym. It consists predominantly of the platform and the handrail. Exercise depends on putting the body , namely the hips and abdomen, in a kind of floating in the air . For this purpose the transverse abdominal muscles , which, contrary to appearances, are not often used in real life . Well-made exercise should not cause pain , and shoulder joints. By regularly exercising workout using a pendulum , back in a couple of weeks we develop a so-called ripped abs , who can resist no woman .

But before we start the exercise at the gym the outside , we need to know that exercise alone does not make that our body will remind you immediately of sports whistle body . It turns out that to provide suitable profiles , connect with each other motor activity , together with the necessary diet, which aims to influence the development of our muscles. Proper diet should not be limited only to avoid high-calorie meals , as women do , but most of all should be based on proper selection of the amount of proteins and fats , supplied the body . Only in this way we can get a satisfactory figure, rich in muscle.


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