Trouble getting rid of extra pounds

In the spring, more and more people take the fight against unnecessary pounds . It is true that this struggle may take some time but in the beginning it , we all are forum sportowe full of good thoughts and hope. Unfortunately, not all the effects of our weight loss are able to meet our expectations. Unfortunately, sometimes you can not see the effects of weight loss due to numerous errors we commit .

Unfortunately, many people forget about the fact that after weight loss consists of several stages. It turns out it really that weight loss is not a complicated process requiring one knows what actions . It is worth while to remember three principles , the use of diet, exercise and any supplements . But first you need to change eating habits, which, in most cases, obese people are just bad . Even if forum sportowe we use the advice of the best doctors will not achieve success if we fail to adapt to all these rules.

Unfortunately, many people make one small mistake , which makes repeated continuously that we have considerable difficulty in achieving even small successes . This does not mean , however, that it is not worth a try ! On the contrary , anyone can lose weight , you just need to adapt to the guidelines by which success will be at hand .

It is not true as commonly repeated statement that the best way to get rid of extra pounds is to eat less food . Of course, want to limit sweets or other products of calories , but not much will change in terms of our weight if we continue to spend their free time especially on the couch watching TV. To lose weight you need to practice , because only physical activity will make our adipose tissue is burned . The fat burning process takes place only after 30min from the start of the activity , and therefore does not make sense to our exercise lasting less. Before one take to be one of physical activity , we should know that not every one is as desirable in our case . There is a lot of training and sports that primarily affect the increase in muscle mass , not fat burning .

One frequently repeated dose constraints errors are almost daily intake to a minimum. This action will affect only the fact that the process of metabolism in our body will be seriously slowed down. As a result , the effects of weight loss will be even less visible. To strike a balance between food intake in small quantities , and eating too much , it is essential to eat less but more often. Then a slower forum sportowe metabolism is not our matter , while making that our body has provided a sufficient dose of nutrients and we are not forced to starve . Sorry, but our body when it is hungry, do not take for increasing the amount of fat burned . As you can see , it does the opposite.

To the dismay of many people lose weight , while combating pounds usually a moment of total stop all effects. In the case of each organism may take place at another time , it can not be predicted. THE stunning results so far suddenly cease to be longer so visible, and after a few days or weeks tip weight is in place. In this case, usually , a lot of people getting to utter discouragement, which makes us feel totally tired of fighting . If this situation also applies to us , it is worth considering why this happened. Mostly the reason for this is our body’s ability to adapt to adapt to different conditions . In this case, the body adapts to the greater effort, and fewer calories up without loss of tissue. In the event of such a situation , we have only three choices . The first of them, the interruption of diet and satisfaction is achieved so far effects. The second solution is to reduce caloric intake even , and the third solution , based on the possibility of increasing the intensity of exercise yet .

Taking care of the lines , more and more people get caught in the trap of so-called light products . Many of us , rather than spend time cooking your own meals , decide stołowaniu in the numerous bars quick service . Since giving up French fries and other such dishes that are calorie according to all the rules we decide to various kinds of salads. Unfortunately , we forget that we do not have to be so Menus as we would like. Often turns out that the calorific value is greater than the ordinary lunch. Why is this happening? The reason for this state of affairs are primarily sauces, the composition of which leaves much to be desired. In such cases, it is better to order a salad without sauce , or to replace it with a little olive oil .

As you can see weight loss is primarily refusal skills and adapt to their own rules.


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