How to teach your child to swim?

Swimming is an excellent way not only to ensure your perfect silhouette but also the ability to quickly relax and spend your free time in an active way . You should know, however , that while swimming is extremely pleasant activity , learning his is not as enjoyable. Obviously this is not the rule, but learning to swim is to break their natural fears of water. It turns out that this need can make us really cost a lot . If we want our children swam along with us , it is good to adequately before it began to learn to swim . Young children in fact , feel the fear to a much lesser extent than adults. Therefore, a study in younger age will certainly be less stressful.

For some time , it became very fashionable to attend already tiny children to learn to swim. It is certainly an excellent idea , because as small children had not yet disappear reflex swimming in amniotic fluid . Thus , science is not really necessary , just small reminder of these reflexes . Unfortunately, not every pool offers such an opportunity. To make this possible must be provided with adequate conditions to ensure comfort for both the child and his parents. If the pool in our city can not provide us with such conditions , we again return to swimming lessons when your child reaches the age of about 6 or 7 years. Children at this age are already able to listen to instructions carefully and adapt to them. Preschool children also love to compete and certainly with pleasure after the race with friends.

Many parents are also coming from the wrong assumption that just that alone will teach your children to swim. In a sense this is true, because in a way really sure we can a child learn to swim. It should however be borne in mind that if we are not specialists in this field, we do not teach a child appropriate breathing techniques , diving or swimming. What is also worth noting that professional swimming coaches are able to enforce the child to adapt to the command . In addition to the pool, a good coach has at his disposal a number of instruments , which will greatly facilitate children learn and even make it more interesting it becomes . There should also worry about the safety of children at the pool , first class , of course, take place in a shallow pool.

If the study will proceed without much problem , three months after our baby may have already started practicing a little deeper pool. Thanks to a little deeper water, the coach can see your progress each child individually. In this basin is also possible to identify possible errors in swimming as well as their reduction. Certainly the opportunity to see the progress in the study of your child , it ‘s a great feeling , simply unforgettable for all parents . During this type of activities that the children not only improving their skills but most of all they learn through play which is very important for children at this age. AFTER a period of time to achieve and perpetuate a scratch, children begin to learn to swim with fins and loved by most children jumping into the water. After completion of the entire course of study , successfully we can begin to take our child even in the natural water bodies such as the sea , lake and others. It is important to have a place guarded , and that the current in such places was light .

Swimming lessons are also many aspects of health . As a result, the child gets more physical and also increases the capacity of the lungs. Under no circumstances , you can not forget about the very important aspect of ensuring greater security of our child . Before leaving on vacation, the water , you should learn your child to swim, so it will be much safer than if they did not have this skill.

Even before we write our baby classes in swimming lessons at the pool , we should obtain ow appropriate equipment for this purpose. Certainly the most important in this case is the attire for swimming. In the case of boys, well suited for ordinary swimsuits, which are so close to the body that it did not fall . In the case of girls , the best for one-piece swimming costume . Certainly, it is much more convenient than the outfit consisting of two parts.

Besides the costume , every child should have a cap . It is quite necessary for the preservation of health and safety . The choice we have for both caps made ​​of rubber and such material . Cloth caps are unlikely to provide our hair protection against getting wet . However, caps made ​​of rubber can be quite uncomfortable when they pull hair . The pool must also take each child to flip. This is to not only maintain hygiene in the shower and in the pool, but also ensure your child’s safety . Very often there are cases of child slipping on slippery tiles.


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