How to deal with excessive appetite for sweets ?

More and more women , to celebrate the arrival of spring and the upcoming ‘ve gotten bigger strides years , decide to start a diet . It is certainly a good idea. During the winter when we spend much more time at home , many of us suffer to postpone a bit of fat . In this case , it is worthwhile to fight for a better silhouette for the summer.

One of the important steps to combat forum sportowe unnecessary pounds is certainly a change in eating habits . The most important of them is undoubtedly a weakness to consume increased amounts of sweets. Many people, not just sweets treats women as part of the therapy comforting . Ice cream and chocolate too , have become a favorite comfort in the event of temporary sadness, grief or fatigue. But can remedy this very strong , in many cases, the temptation ? There are some ways like . Unfortunately, it is not worth it to adjust it to be easy , because I certainly will not. The more we eat sweets the more we wanted them . Such a vicious circle that can make us to be really hard with him to get out.

Before we start the fight with sugars we both realize that sugar is nothing like carbohydrates, which really are needed for proper body functioning. But we must know that carbohydrates can easily be divided into the good and somewhat worse , using colloquial language. In fact, a question of the difference between simple and complex sugars . The first find , among others, in sweets and many other products that we would rather not call sweet . However, this does matter. The catch is to you, that simple sugars are digested by the body forum sportowe too quickly stimulating the body to secrete insulin . Probably many of you are wondering what this is wrong. Well, nothing , except that thanks to a dedicated insulin , our body starts to convert carbohydrates into the tissue up , which is nothing but fat . No wonder that even if we exercise and eat sweets, still do not lose the weight . In the case of complex sugars contained , inter alia, in cereal products , the situation is different . Energy which provides the body with sugar complex is excreted more slowly so your body has a chance to digest it and use so that it was not stored as fat .

You may raise a laugh for many of you but there is evidence that sweets addictive. Whenever we do a few days break in the consumption of sweets, we do not feel terrible . Some people even admit that they feel the irritable , sad and depressed . It all belongs to the signs of the lack of sugar in the body which demands our brain . Eating something sweet cause even greater dependence , as temporarily feel better , and again if you feel bad reach for another cookie. So we fall into a vicious circle shape which we can be really difficult to get out.

Getting rid of przemożonej desire for sweets, is not easy. But to make this possible, you need to be sure that we really want and we will do everything to change this. May be helpful in this case, some advice , thanks to the detox from sweets will be a little easier .

1 ) It is worth to think about the situations in which the most frequently eat sweets . If you actually do it often because of physical discomfort , you should immediately visit a dietitian . Probably his first action will be commissioned us general studies including mainly pressure measurement and basic blood test . Many people who feel craving for sweets , in fact, suffer from diabetes. With an appropriate dose of drugs , we had no problems to live normally. However, if you are other causes of hunger słodyczowego , dietician forum sportowe will choose us adequate diet, thanks to which , certainly better abolish this situation.

2 ) Sometimes the constant craving for sweets due to the fact deficiencies in the body of important nutrients . This may be a chromium deficiency or are other marko or miko items. In this case, the appropriate dosage of supplements should solve our problem.

3) Many women complain of increased mood for sweets during the upcoming menstruation or menopause coming . In this case, the solution may be selected as appropriate hormones that change somewhat mitigate the effect of other hormones in the body .

4 ) In many cases, a shortage of carbohydrate per day , which reveals itself cravings for sweets , is caused by an insufficient quantity of energy supplied during the first food . It should always keep in mind a very important principle , which is to eat breakfast. Resignation of it results in increased appetite for sweets. We feel tired and then also significantly depressed. And this can be easily changed through the morning portion of cornflakes with milk, whole grain slice of bread with cheese and many other offers quick snacks .


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