Not everyone is created to exercise at home or the gym. There are many people who , above all, appreciate the opportunity to spend free time outdoors. Top even if this time can be spent on any activity . One of the sports that correspond to the recommendations is climbing. If in addition to opportunities to spend time outdoors , draws us also the opportunity to practice one of the extreme sports which provide forum sportowe us with a solid dose of adrenaline , climbing it’s great for us. However, before we make the so-called colloquially , jump into deep water , we should also prepare for ourselves the right equipment , which will provide us with comfort and safety while climbing .

Even if his adventure with climbing we want to start on the climbing wall must obtain a minimum equipment so that we could secure sample, such as carabiners , climbing harness and climbing helmet .

Of course we can also rent equipment on site, but gives us more freedom certainly use their own equipment , properly matched to us. If you decide to rent equipment on site , we only need to prepare the appropriate shoes for climbing. The rest of the equipment found in the climbing club . It is also important to remember that clothes that will be lightweight and comfortable . Of course, if we go for a hike in the wild , we forum sportowe should take care of all the safety rules . Set for climbing on natural rock should contain mainly a harness and rope. Harnesses can be divided into those complete , thoracic and hip . Many of them are quite different in the amount of security , buckles and all kinds of other elements for easier climbing , and provide greater security . Choosing a climbing harness should be taken into account sex of the person who has to use it. There should also make such a purchase on the so-called eye , or through the website. Well-chosen harness should be przymierzona so that there was no doubt that it adheres properly to the entire body . It is also important that the harness of this kind do not feel comfortable and, above all was convenient . Some harnesses also characterized by high weight , which makes use of it .

Another very important piece of equipment is the rope . Rope available in stores can be divided into so-called statistical and dynamic. Ropes statistics provide us fall off the cliffs a short distance . Partner with this type of rope find at the top , or at the end of the climbing road. In the forum sportowe case of the second type of rope , falling away from the rock has a much greater distance , while the partner is at the bottom of the route.

To ensure a greater security should also buy some equipment we provide even greater security and protection while climbing . For this purpose, inter alia, self-locking device . To ensure additional safety powders are also used against sweating hands and a helmet , without which theoretically should not at all enter into any wall or rock.

When we have such attachments with time , we can think about buying additional equipment such as backpacks , bags and many more that are sure to make that climb will be even more fun and more comfortable .

Many people combines climbing along with the usual traveling in the mountains. Both of these sports shoes need to have the best quality . Good shoes are those that are suitable in the same way to hiking in snowy and for walks in the summer.

When buying shoes for climbing, most attention should be paid to the sole of shoes , as it is this element is the most significant. No less important is the way and the material performance of the whole shoe. Although it should be in this case count increased costs of purchase , the best material for this type of shoe is leather . The shoe should be made in such a way that the shoe Upper reached beyond the ankle to the entire shoe and characterized by stiffness for stability .

The shoe is suitable for use even in summer , should have adequate ventilation , and adequate protection against ingress of water into the interior of the shoe and cold. It is very important that the rear part of the shoe is properly braced to prevent many injuries . If you love the hours of tours especially those held in the summer , we should try to get a selection of shoes a few sizes larger . Such a choice will be good not only in summer but also in winter . Winter it will be easier to wear slightly thicker socks that provide us warm . In summer, during the many hours of hiking, we may swell , causing sore legs

Shoes , in which we intend to climb should be equipped with crampons, which will provide us with safety on slippery surfaces such as snow or mud .


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