Aqua Aerobics is not just for women

Fall and winter is the time in which we do not have rather too much desire for walking or other ways to spend time outdoors . Instead of idly staring at the TV , you might want to leave the house and spend time, such as the swimming pool.

At the pool you can swim freely what affects our sense of relaxation and rest. However, if you do not play us senseless swimming from one end of the pool to the forum sportowe other, we can also sign up for one of the many classes held in the water. For this purpose well suited Aqua Aerobics . Although classes are more for women , in recent times more and more do not enroll in the men . The first classes of this type have been carried out already in the 80s in the United States . Although these exercises in the first place were treated as part of the rehabilitation , many women currently practicing in this way to throw off a few extra pounds , and most of all to maintain a constant dose of mobility. Classes are held in the water, when turned on music. They represent a kind of combination of exercise and swimming . Surely this unusual combination has an excellent effect on our well-being and the state of our body.

Interestingly , the sport has a special slimming effect . Quite low temperature of the water , that makes our body trying to make up for the difference between body temperature and the temperature of the water , it burns fat. This is certainly the perfect solution for all those who dream about that in a nice way to get rid of extra pounds. During the hour classes , we are able to lose even more than 580 kcal.

As surely everyone knows the water due to forum sportowe the increased density causes that all weights are less noticeable in this environment. Therefore, when exercise is not felt too tired or sore muscles and joints. A person weighing about 70 kg of water weighs more than 10 times less. This is great news for obese people who have serious problems doing exercises on land. It’s a good mistake or also for those who have any injury joints. These exercises in fact , not be charged to the joints , due to the reduced perceptibility weight.

This type of physical activity is recommended for people of all ages. With this type of exercise will feel relaxed and refreshed. Do not worry even if you can not swim . It turns out that this type of attachment is carried out in two groups on two different water depths . The first group are people with its inability to swim . Such a person should exercise in the water reaching up to fawn chest. As a result , we are sure that there is no danger threatens us . Those swimmers can practice freely in the water reaching up to the neck . But do not worry , it’s perfectly safe sport that carries a lot of favors such as a feeling of relaxation. Through regular training sessions held at least once a week, provide a resilient and firm body . With this type of exercises , as well get rid of cellulite, which is the bane of many women. Certainly worth taking up the challenge to sign up for activities of this type, not only because of the effects associated with of dropping extra pounds. As a result , we are able to take care of your mental health , which in the autumn may deteriorate .

Many women before enrolling for classes, afraid that they will be boring and monotonous . Nothing could be further from the truth! If we hit the cool instructor , whose true forum sportowe vocation is a sport , certainly will not be boring classes . DO use a lot of ancillary items such as displacement pillows , shoes , or many others. An interesting variation is probably also the opportunity to practice on bikes positioned in the water , and many other activities. If the coach and exercisers are concerned accordingly classes can be really interesting and not boring .

Aqua Aerobics can grow practically everyone . In some clubs are organized activities for groups such as children , adults , women, men or pregnant ladies . If our pool but there is only one group , before the exercise by a person suffering from heart or blood pressure, a good option is choosing the beginning to the doctor , who will determine whether such physical activity is suitable for us .

Before each workout should take care of a good warm-up . Thanks to her, we will prepare our muscles and tendons for having come effort. Warm-up should last about 10 minutes . Classes must prepare for themselves the appropriate swimwear. There should be a two-piece swimsuit as exercises in it can be uncomfortable and even embarrassing. Meaning better for this purpose is the one-piece swimsuit . If nature has endowed us large breasts should also pay attention to dress well to sustain the bust. You also can not forget the bonnet , the exception can only be situations where we have short hair.


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